Cute Butterfly Sticky Note DIY!!!

What a cute and easy DIY craft using colorful and simple sticky notes. I love Butterflies – and this is an easy appliqué I can use on gift boxes and notes cards!

Thanks for posting Handimania!

3 Steps To Creating Inexpensive DIY Artwork!

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If your like me, you love beautifying your home with artwork and yes, color! I used to spend a lot of money buying lovely pictures for my home! The problem was, I wanted to change the artwork frequently, due to the season or my mood.  This resulted in me buying more artwork, that I would eventually give away or donate.

This year, I’m living with less – and learning to be happy with this concept! In turn, constantly buying artwork for my home is not an option for me any longer.

Last week, during a decluttering session, I came across an old calendar.  Then, I remember a great tip I found in a magazine years ago –  creating beautiful inexpensive artwork!

Reluctantly, I thought I give this a try.  I and so happy I did!

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