3 Steps To Creating Inexpensive DIY Artwork!

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If your like me, you love beautifying your home with artwork and yes, color! I used to spend a lot of money buying lovely pictures for my home! The problem was, I wanted to change the artwork frequently, due to the season or my mood.  This resulted in me buying more artwork, that I would eventually give away or donate.

This year, I’m living with less – and learning to be happy with this concept! In turn, constantly buying artwork for my home is not an option for me any longer.

Last week, during a decluttering session, I came across an old calendar.  Then, I remember a great tip I found in a magazine years ago –  creating beautiful inexpensive artwork!

Reluctantly, I thought I give this a try.  I and so happy I did!

Follow These Steps To Create Your Beautiful Artwork Too!

1. Locate Inexpensive Frames

Look around your home for old frames , or purchase inexpensive frames  from resell shops, on clearance or the Dollar Tree. I bought a wonderful frame from Dollar Tree for this project! It matches my décor perfectly!

2. Find Artwork

Look for pictures that inspire you in magazines, old calendars or print from the internet! I got my artwork from that old  calendar I found in my basement.   Also, I came across a lovely website to download free artwork each week – and created another stunning Spring work of art (easy – shown below)!  Check out Michelle’s Blog Elegance and Enchantment!

3. Grab your supplies & Create

Get scissors, glue stick, tape and/or construction paper (for backing, if needed).  Cut your picture neatly and carefully to frame size. Add any other embellishments of your choice!

And Presto –  your done. It took me less than 5 minutes  to create my beautiful spring artwork with colorful Tulips!

When you feel like a new inspiration – replace it with a new colorful picture!

I found two calendars  for 75% off ($1.99/each) at Kroger of vegetables, fruits and county gardens! Yay! More lovely artwork for future projects.

Self-Love Tips

  • Would make perfect inexpensive spring gifts for teachers,  families & friends
  • It’s an easy & simple craft to do with children
  • It’s simple for beginning DIY students (like myself!)

And you will save a lot of money on home beautification!

Happy Creating! Don’t forget to come back and share your creations!


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