Are You PREPARED for a Disaster in Your City – EMERGENCY KIT!!!

A Natural Disaster can occur at anytime with little to NO Warning – Are You PREPARED?


Due to the Fact that a Natural or Man-made disaster can occur at anytime – it’s best to be PREPARED!!!

The first step is to CREATE A PLAN!!

Then, start putting together your EMERGENCY KIT by stocking-up on non-perishable food, water and other essentials. I would recommend having a stock-up and emergency kit that can sustain you and/or your family for at least 30 days or more. Continue reading

Are You PREPARED For A Natural Disaster in Your City? – Create A Plan!!!

A Disaster can occur at anytime without little to NO warning – Are you PREPARED?



CREATE A PLAN – Getting prepared for an unexpected Disaster (natural or national emergency) can give you and your family the Peace of Mind you deserve. Continue reading

Help Protect The Monarch Butterfly!

Join Humanitarians and Naturalist in protecting the Monarch Butterfly!! What Can YOU Do? Great Question – Just plant Milkweed in your garden. This will assist the Monarch’s in staging a comeback.

Learn More about saving the Monarchs in this great posting on the Seventh Generation’s website.

Order your Milkweed here!


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Help Protect Our Bees! 

Plant these herbs and/or flowers in your garden this Spring! Help to assist in protecting Mother Earth and our Bees!🐝

Thank You,


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Celebrate Earth Day April 22 – Meet George, The Tree!

Tree-Picture Being out in Nature is so serene and peaceful. I love my early morning  – or early afternoon walks around my neighborhood.  It’s magical and healing for my soul! I’ve been walking regularly for many years now, as a way to stay healthy and fit.  Yet, when you really are aware and open up to nature and its creations, it changes your overall experience. Suddenly, the squirrels chasing around the base of an Acorn Tree is so Much More! The simplicity; yet, complexity of Mother Nature is without human words! A person can’t help to become more aware when you spend more time in nature. And that’s what happened to me a couple of years back –  something quite odd, yet very magical! Continue reading



#LoveWater ?.

#LoveWater ?

Elixir of Life

Happy World Water Day 2015! March 22nd – FREE Global Meditation and Prayer! Register Here


Water is whence we came, and is all that sustains us! What would our lives Be without this beautiful resourceThe Elixir of Life – Water! One Body of Love, Life and New Beginnings.

Yet, as people we are destroying the purity of Earth’s Water!

Water Facts: According to

  • 78% of Earth’s Surface is water
  • only 0.1% of this water is drinkable
  • 95% of Earth’s fresh water is polluted
  • 800 million humans live without clean water

Today, starts a new way of living & beings!

A change in humanity’s course – once again connected with our Loving Planet Earth!

Watch this amazing video!  Visit to register for today’s Free Global Mediation & Prayer. And learn how you can continue to bless and love our precious Water (Mother Earth)!