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Seventh Generation Dish Soap – Product Review! (w/ $1 OFF Coupon)

NOT For Automatic Dishwashers

I’ve been using Seventh Generation Natural Dish liquid  for many years now – since I first started “going green”. I absolutely love this product.

If you still clean your dishes the ‘ole fashion way (no dishwasher) , you may just love this product too!

Here’s Why:  Continue reading

4 Simple Ways To GO Green Your Home During Your Spring Cleaning! 

Going “green” is a perfect way to Celebrate Earth Day! 

Here are 4 easy ways to remove toxins from your home this spring and help the environment too – that goes right along with Your Spring Cleaning!  Continue reading

Spring Cleaning? – Use This System!

It’s Spring Cleaning Time – Yet, you don’t have to be Stressed!


Use the four R’s System to assist you in propelling your Spring Cleaning and Organizing sessions! Efficiently sort items and place them in its proper box/container to take immediate action!

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Easy Tips to SPRING Cleaning!

Are you starting an organizing & deculttering project this weekend?

Spring is the perfect time of the year when most people are motivated to declutter their home and/or business. It’s like a new birth, a new beginning and truly sets the tone for the remaining year! Yet, it can be overwhelming too! spring-cleaning-green

Use these 4 tips to assist you in creating a peaceful and efficient home that inspires a more balanced Life: Continue reading

3 Steps To Creating Inexpensive DIY Artwork!

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

If your like me, you love beautifying your home with artwork and yes, color! I used to spend a lot of money buying lovely pictures for my home! The problem was, I wanted to change the artwork frequently, due to the season or my mood.  This resulted in me buying more artwork, that I would eventually give away or donate.

This year, I’m living with less – and learning to be happy with this concept! In turn, constantly buying artwork for my home is not an option for me any longer.

Last week, during a decluttering session, I came across an old calendar.  Then, I remember a great tip I found in a magazine years ago –  creating beautiful inexpensive artwork!

Reluctantly, I thought I give this a try.  I and so happy I did!

Follow These Steps To Create Your Beautiful Artwork Too! Continue reading