Hurry and Grab Your July Savings Book at Target!!! 

Don’t forget to pick-up your July Savings Book at Target (at the register) & Walgreens (weekly circular area).  Some great Summer Savings!!!

Check with more of your favorites stores  – they just may have there own too! 

Happy Savings!!! 

Self-Love Savings Tip #5!

Rain Check tip

Don’t forget to ask for rain checks on sale and/or advertised items, even if you plan to return or visit another store.  Most rain checks are good for at least 30 days – this will give you extra time to perhaps do more researching on a big purchase item(s) or look for cheaper prices elsewhere! Plus, your rain check guarantees that you can return to that store and purchase the item(s) at a later date.

In addition,  if you decide to visit another store location to purchase sale items. Remember, You can still return to the store that issued the rain check to buy more of the same item even after the sale date.  I use this savings tip a lot at my local grocery chain to stock up on brands I eat regularly (when the sale item is not in stock).

A WIN WIN Savings TIP!

Happy Savings!

Self-Love Savings Tip #4

Savings Tip #4

Savings Tip #4

Self-Love Savings Tip! #3

Make Extra Income Selling on


Looking to earn a little extra cash selling  old, damaged or outdated cell phones/ technology devices. is a great site!  Last month, I used this site to sell a severely damaged iPhone that I found while organizing my basement/family room. It was simple: Continue reading

Self-Love Savings Tip #2


Wait to purchase items when they are at their lowest price! Then, combine savings with manufacturer’s coupons and/or other savings, to maximize your overall savings!

Self-Love Savings!

Self-Love Savings Tip

Savings Tip

Savings Tip