On this Journey – Faith is Required!

for we live by faith, not sight

You won’t be able to See the road ahead; you were asked to LIVE by FAITH ALONE!! 

Think Positive!

When everything appears to be going “wrong”  in the world – just keep your Thoughts Positive! What you think becomes your reality. You may can’t control every aspect; yet, by keeping YOUR Thoughts Positive you’re doing your part! And you will SEE results!!


Photo Credit: EarthAngel.com

Self-Care is Essential!

  Self – Care is an Important part of Self-Love! Ask God, the Angels, Higher Power to guide you towards the best self-care steps for YOU! 

Just Be Still!!!


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You Are NOT A Body! 

The body is what most see & often times connect with first! Yet, We – YOU – are not a body! You are the unseen force within – The Soul! 

Get to know who you are and why you are here at this very crucial time on Earth!