TWITTER CHAT!!! Saturday, 6/27 – Join in on the self-love talk!!!

 Join us for another SELF-LOVE TWITTER CHAT!!!

SATURDAY, 6/27 8am – 9am EST

Wake up early for some self-love!!

This week we’re going to be talking about developing passions, writing your self-love story and some SUMMER FUN!!!


TWITTER @loveselfme

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Chat with you Soon! 🙂

Twitter Chat – Join in on the Self-Love Talk!!!

Join in on the self-love chat!!!

Join us for the Community’s TWITTER CHAT. Wake up early for some Self-Love!!! We’re starting off the conversation with “Why self-love is important?” … and MORE!!!

SATURDAY, 6/20 8am – 9am EST use hashtag #loveselfme

Chat with you Soon!! Lanise 🙂

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself!!!

You are NOT the person you were yesterday. You are constantly learning and growing. The past is gone, the present is here and tomorrow is waiting for you to arrive!!!

Isn’t it time you reintroduced yourself!!! 

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Play Like a Child Today!! 

I know we are all so busy being “all grown up”. Yet, the inner child in us wants to play again!! Be Free, no Fear & without limitations.

So, connect with your inner child today! Whatever you choose  to do – just enjoy & be delighted!

Let’s PLAY Today!

We’re All Works In Progress! 

We’re  all works in progress and perfection is always growing! Let’s not be afraid to make mistakes and humble ourselves! For this transparency will break down barriers in others! This is where our strength IS!

Being Real Enough to know and let the world see we’re a WORK in Progress!!!

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Replant Yourself in Mother Earth! 

Take time to sit still in nature Today! Ground yourself & replant yourself in the soil of Mother Earth!

Literally go outside, as a child, and replant yourself in the dirt! Enjoy the sunshine and the crisp breath of the planet while your out there!

Get your hands & feet all dirty! Then, BE still and listen!

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It’s Time to Become YOUR Best Friend!


It’s so essential to look within ourselves & see the Light that we are! As women, we often times will Give to our families, children, friends career, business, and etc. Yet, failing to give to ourselves & BE our own best  friend! I do this too!

Get a warm drink and talk with an Awesome spirit today! It’s time to spend a little time with YOU!

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