Play Like a Child Today!! 

I know we are all so busy being “all grown up”. Yet, the inner child in us wants to play again!! Be Free, no Fear & without limitations.

So, connect with your inner child today! Whatever you choose  to do – just enjoy & be delighted!

Let’s PLAY Today!

FREE Online Self-Love Course!

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Join US for an upcoming FREE event!!

 14 Days of Self-Love & Gratitude ONLINE COURSE

14 Days of reflection, meditation and gratitude!! 

June 17th – July 1st 

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Easy Mango Salsa!

Anytime Mangos are on sale 3/$5 – I love to make this Easy Mango Salsa!


1 fresh mango
1/2 red onions (chopped)
organic cilantro – approx 2-3 tbsp.
organic lime (juiced)

Mix and Enjoy!!

Serving Size One (1) – ME 🙂

Seventh Generation Dish Soap – Product Review! (w/ $1 OFF Coupon)

NOT For Automatic Dishwashers

I’ve been using Seventh Generation Natural Dish liquid  for many years now – since I first started “going green”. I absolutely love this product.

If you still clean your dishes the ‘ole fashion way (no dishwasher) , you may just love this product too!

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