What are you doing today for Self-care? 


We get so busy in our daily lives, self-care just get pushed in the wind! I know there’s been days that I was so excited to start my work for that day – I totally missed the basis of self-care! I realize that my self-care is tied to my self-love and to the overall happiness of my life! 

So, today stop what you are doing and take some guilty-free self-care time! And I will too!  

Let Your Heart Be The Guide! 

Are You READY To Live a Life of Purpose & Passion? Well, let Your ❤️ Be the Guide! You will never get there starting in the mind FIRST! Let Your Heart Be Your Compass and the Mind & Body will follow!  


The time has come for you – Me – to love yourself & spread your wings and F.L.Y. (First Love You)!  

Love India Arie!



I absolutely love India Arie and have listened to her positive music since her first release!

Check out her FREE Book – SongVersation! Continue reading

Be A Warrior NOT A Worrier! 

With all the distractions that are taking place in the world, it’s so important NOT to worry! It’s natural to be concern or even to have a little fear! Yet, a warrior keeps going and is not distracted or stopped by fear! Keep forging straight ahead – a New Day is Here! So, step Up Warriors of Love & BE Brave!  

Create Your Very Own Joy Box!

photo I got this idea years ago from an article I read in a magazine.  A Joy Box – what a wonderful idea! It’s a box that’s  filled with a few special treats and/or  items that inspire you! Especially, when you need a little extra encouragement – you go to your joy box! So, when I came across the box I used before – I decided to try it again on my self-love journey! This year I’m starting projects that are new to me and that brings about anxiety! Yet, my mantra this year is “Dream Big, Big & Bigger“.  I’m dedicated to pushing pass my fears and my joy box is going to assist me in this process.

So, what’s in my joy Box? All the things that make me smile! 😉 Continue reading

Let’s Get Started!



Greetings Friends,

Thank You for joining SelfLove – A Community for another great course to assist you on your self-love journey. You may take this course at your own pace. However, I do recommended deciding and setting aside some time daily  to dedicate to your self-love journey.

It is very easy to navigate this blog site:

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We have a smaller class this time around. Yet, the number don’t count – Only Love!

So Let’s Get Started Here!

Be Free to Contact me with any questions, concerns and/or ideas.

Happy New Year!