I AM Learning to Walk Away!!!

Walk away

Courage to FLY!!!

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Don’t be afraid to fail…Face your fears…and have the COURAGE to FLY!!!

YOU Have No-Thing To Prove!

It’s truly freeing to just let go of all the expectations of others & the standards of the world! They are not your counsel – your Heart IS! 

I’ve lived too many years vainly trying to please others; yet, what they really seek is control! And I AM breaking – no – I AM FREE!  

 Photo credit: HealThruWords.com

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Easy Tips to SPRING Cleaning!

Are you starting an organizing & deculttering project this weekend?

Spring is the perfect time of the year when most people are motivated to declutter their home and/or business. It’s like a new birth, a new beginning and truly sets the tone for the remaining year! Yet, it can be overwhelming too! spring-cleaning-green

Use these 4 tips to assist you in creating a peaceful and efficient home that inspires a more balanced Life: Continue reading

#LoveWater ?

Elixir of Life

Happy World Water Day 2015! March 22nd – FREE Global Meditation and Prayer! Register Here


Water is whence we came, and is all that sustains us! What would our lives Be without this beautiful resourceThe Elixir of Life – Water! One Body of Love, Life and New Beginnings.

Yet, as people we are destroying the purity of Earth’s Water!

Water Facts: According to Unify.org:

  • 78% of Earth’s Surface is water
  • only 0.1% of this water is drinkable
  • 95% of Earth’s fresh water is polluted
  • 800 million humans live without clean water

Today, starts a new way of living & beings!

A change in humanity’s course – once again connected with our Loving Planet Earth!

Watch this amazing video!  Visit Unify.org to register for today’s Free Global Mediation & Prayer. And learn how you can continue to bless and love our precious Water (Mother Earth)!

Healing Detox Bath


A weekly Detox Bath is a Loving Way to wash the worries away! Heal your body and assist in removing toxins – Raising Your Vibrations! And One of my Favorite self-love & self-care treats!

Here is a loving combination: Continue reading