To Live A Creative Life – We Must Lose The Fear Of Being Wrong!!!

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake or to be wrong. That’s how we all learn and we will keep learning. How many times have you stop yourself from doing something you wanted in Life –  because you were afraid you would be wrong? Just let “it” go! Either you’re going to be Right or you’re going to Learn – a win win situation.  So go ahead,  just TRY! The results may surprise you!

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3 Ways for Living In The NOW!

Most of us have heard of the importance of living in the “NOW”! One may ask how do we do this; especially when our mind is always either focusing on the past or dreading about what’s.

Where is the common ground? Of course our past is relevant to us in many ways! And our future is a normal concern to us! 

How can we find balance? 

3 Ways for Living in the NOW!

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Have the Courage to Move On Fearlessly!!!

Move forward fearlessly

Think Positive!

When everything appears to be going “wrong”  in the world – just keep your Thoughts Positive! What you think becomes your reality. You may can’t control every aspect; yet, by keeping YOUR Thoughts Positive you’re doing your part! And you will SEE results!!


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Be A Warrior NOT A Worrier! 

With all the distractions that are taking place in the world, it’s so important NOT to worry! It’s natural to be concern or even to have a little fear! Yet, a warrior keeps going and is not distracted or stopped by fear! Keep forging straight ahead – a New Day is Here! So, step Up Warriors of Love & BE Brave!  

Create Your Very Own Joy Box!

photo I got this idea years ago from an article I read in a magazine.  A Joy Box – what a wonderful idea! It’s a box that’s  filled with a few special treats and/or  items that inspire you! Especially, when you need a little extra encouragement – you go to your joy box! So, when I came across the box I used before – I decided to try it again on my self-love journey! This year I’m starting projects that are new to me and that brings about anxiety! Yet, my mantra this year is “Dream Big, Big & Bigger“.  I’m dedicated to pushing pass my fears and my joy box is going to assist me in this process.

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