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We’re All Works In Progress! 

We’re  all works in progress and perfection is always growing! Let’s not be afraid to make mistakes and humble ourselves! For this transparency will break down barriers in others! This is where our strength IS!

Being Real Enough to know and let the world see we’re a WORK in Progress!!!

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What are you doing today for Self-care? 


We get so busy in our daily lives, self-care just get pushed in the wind! I know there’s been days that I was so excited to start my work for that day – I totally missed the basis of self-care! I realize that my self-care is tied to my self-love and to the overall happiness of my life! 

So, today stop what you are doing and take some guilty-free self-care time! And I will too!  

Let Your Heart Be The Guide! 

Are You READY To Live a Life of Purpose & Passion? Well, let Your ❤️ Be the Guide! You will never get there starting in the mind FIRST! Let Your Heart Be Your Compass and the Mind & Body will follow!  

Don’t Let Them Steal Your Happy!


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It may be Monday; yet, you don’t have to be blue! Don’t allow them (anyone or anything) to Steal Your Happy!!! It’s yours to hold on to!

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YOU Have No-Thing To Prove!

It’s truly freeing to just let go of all the expectations of others & the standards of the world! They are not your counsel – your Heart IS! 

I’ve lived too many years vainly trying to please others; yet, what they really seek is control! And I AM breaking – no – I AM FREE!  

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The time has come for you – Me – to love yourself & spread your wings and F.L.Y. (First Love You)!  

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