4 Simple Ways To GO Green Your Home During Your Spring Cleaning! 

Going “green” is a perfect way to Celebrate Earth Day! 

Here are 4 easy ways to remove toxins from your home this spring and help the environment too – that goes right along with Your Spring Cleaning!  Continue reading

Free Coffee Grounds at Your Local Starbucks (for your garden)!


Saw this sign at my local Starbucks location!

Need coffee grounds for your spring garden? Visit your local Starbucks location or check with your Barista at your next visit! 

Available While supplies last at participating locations (call ahead)!

Thanks, Starbucks 

Celebrate Earth Day April 22 – Meet George, The Tree!

Tree-Picture Being out in Nature is so serene and peaceful. I love my early morning  – or early afternoon walks around my neighborhood.  It’s magical and healing for my soul! I’ve been walking regularly for many years now, as a way to stay healthy and fit.  Yet, when you really are aware and open up to nature and its creations, it changes your overall experience. Suddenly, the squirrels chasing around the base of an Acorn Tree is so Much More! The simplicity; yet, complexity of Mother Nature is without human words! A person can’t help to become more aware when you spend more time in nature. And that’s what happened to me a couple of years back –  something quite odd, yet very magical! Continue reading