Take Back Your POWER -Now!!

You don’t have to give your power away to what you see on the news, situations, people or anything for that matter (because it doesn’t matter). The only thing that matters is…
how you choose to live your Life, what you allow yourself to feel; and how you want to act to move forward – for YOU!! Don’t get caught up in the Hype!! God gave you the POWER!!! So, use it wisely – and don’t give your Power away!!! Focus on what you value, your goals and your Future!!

Photo Credit: EarthAngelWritings

Think Positive!

When everything appears to be going “wrong”  in the world – just keep your Thoughts Positive! What you think becomes your reality. You may can’t control every aspect; yet, by keeping YOUR Thoughts Positive you’re doing your part! And you will SEE results!!


Photo Credit: EarthAngel.com

Self-Care is Essential!

  Self – Care is an Important part of Self-Love! Ask God, the Angels, Higher Power to guide you towards the best self-care steps for YOU! 

Self-Love Savings Tip! #3