Just Like The Trees –   It’s Time To Let It Go! 

It’s not serving a purpose in your life anymore! Your being weighed down – lighten up your load! Time to let it GO! 

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AVEDA – Free Travel-Size – Plus Free Shipping with any order (ends 10/11)

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Why You Should Be Writing Your Own Self-Love Story! 

Reflecting, writing and expressing gratitude are great tools to use to connect with our True Self within.

When we take the essential time to envision the life we want to live then, write those visions on paper – we add power to our creations ten-folds!

So, write your own self-love story! Don’t allow yourself to be added to someone else’s drama or even their nightmare for that matter! Take control of your Life! Practice self-love and show up for YOU every day!

Write, Journal and Reflect!  Inspiration and guidance will come!

I’m waiting to hear your story!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SelfLove – A Community!!!

Wow, what a year! Last year this time, I was walking down the street on my morning walk –  mulling over my life. And desperately wondering how to start making positive changes. I seem to have had all the keys; yet, didn’t know which one to use and at which time to use it.  That’s when I spoke out loud to myself  ” I want to start loving myself”. Not really knowing at the time that self-love was – IS the Master Key!

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Happiness Is An Inside Job! 

Happiness is not dependent on if you have the job, the car, the house, the dream marriage, etc. Happiness is the feeling WITHIN YOU – that allows you to experience & Enjoy Life without expectation!  

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There’s no need to rush and hurry yourself Today! Everything is working in divine planning and timing! Choose to trust and have Faith that Positive Changes are on the Horizon! All you have to do is open up and receive! Breathe….

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FREE Target Tote Bag on Oct., 4th for REDcard Holders!!!

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Are you a TARGET REDCARD HOLDER? Well, arrive early at your local Target Store Location on October 4th, to recieve a FREE TOTE BAG! A great Freebie for your Fall Harvest! Continue reading