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There comes a day when you just get tired of playing the role of an Extra in someone else’s life! Never being appreciated or valued for all that you bring to the table!  We wait and wait for that perfect opportunity to be the Best Version of ourselves in someone else’s story! Not realizing we must write our own Story – where we are undoubtedly 100% the lead STAR!

Your Story is only your story to share with the world and humanity! When are you going to start writing your own masterpiece!

Stop waiting for the “perfect” role in someone else’s life! Be Your Own kind of LOVE and BEAUTY!  Love Yourself first and only then will others come to add to your story because it fit so well with their own self-love story!

To Live A Creative Life – We Must Lose The Fear Of Being Wrong!!!

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake or to be wrong. That’s how we all learn and we will keep learning. How many times have you stop yourself from doing something you wanted in Life –  because you were afraid you would be wrong? Just let “it” go! Either you’re going to be Right or you’re going to Learn – a win win situation.  So go ahead,  just TRY! The results may surprise you!

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Are You READY To Live A Happier Life? 14 Keys To A Happy Life {KEY #1}

“LIFE IS MEANT TO BE HAPPY!” – Neale Donald Walsch

I learned this beautiful; yet, simple truth when completing an Evolving Wisdom,  spiritual course, Living From Your Soul with Neale Donald Walsch last fall. And Neale Donald Walsch shared this simple truth that was music to my Heart! Continue reading

Life Is An Art – Keep Creating! 

Life is an art – our very own Creation! We may can’t erase the “unwanted” experiences we created in our lives! Yet, the perfect part is we never run out of paper! 

So, keep writing your Self-Love Story! You’re a Master Piece!