About Me


Greetings, I’m LANISE

My Self-Love Story

I have been on my self-love journey for less than one year. I, like most women, have had much heartache, anger and resentment trying to love everybody else – feeling that I was receiving very little in return. I just couldn’t understand why “They” couldn’t love me the way that I deserved. After hitting my head on the wall over and over again. I decided to finally focus on me and my spiritual growth (about 3 years ago). This really helped me, my overall life experiences, became more joyful, happy and peaceful. Yet, I still felt something wasn’t resolved in my soul.

So, I continued on my spiritual journey. I decided to see a spiritual healer. I wanted to resolve some past resentments I was still experiencing towards my immediate family and past marriage. I was given some much-needed insight and guidance. In addition, she revealed a truth I was NOT expecting to hear – of course after sharing all the “negative” experiences I had with others in my life. She loving and gently shared that “You have no idea what self-love is.”

I must admit, I was a little offended by this because most of my growth at this point had mainly focused on healing from the behaviors of others. And wasn’t “self-love’ only for people who had low self-esteem?  I just couldn’t see how my life experiences had anything to do we me not loving myself. I was here speaking with her, I had ended a 15-year emotionally abusive marriage. I was starting to face my fears. I was “doing” a lot to love myself, I thought.

Despite NOT being able to give myself or anyone else for that matter, a working definition of self-love.  I allowed this revelation to pass right over my head. It wasn’t until over a year later that the truth suddenly connected – and the Light turned on!!!

SelfLove – A Community is Born

I was on my morning walk. It was a sunny and quiet morning in October (2014). The sun was feeling lovely on my skin and I felt very peaceful. I literally spoke aloud to myself. “I want to start loving myself”. I didn’t even question it. I continued on my walk to my local Starbucks, sat down and created a Twitter page (loveselfme – selfloveme was taken 😊). 

I wanted to started sharing my self-love journey. It was True, I really did need to start loving ME!! After connecting with so many loving and positive people, I began to share all the great information that was being posted. Thus, I change the name to  SelfLove – A Community. The focus quickly shifted from sharing my personal self-love journey to empowering other women on theirs,  My Life of service to women had begun!

This passion excites me each and every day. I have so many dreams and plans for this community. This is only the beginning!!!

Psst… by the way I did find a way to share my personal self-love  journey. You can check out my daily self-love blog on Tumblr. Visit loveselfmeblog.tumblr.com.  I’m charting my self-love course in 2015 and sharing all the inspires me!!

Let’s Stay Connected!!!

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