Are You READY To Live A Happier Life? 14 Keys To A Happy Life {KEY #1}

“LIFE IS MEANT TO BE HAPPY!” – Neale Donald Walsch

I learned this beautiful; yet, simple truth when completing an Evolving Wisdom,  spiritual course, Living From Your Soul with Neale Donald Walsch last fall. And Neale Donald Walsch shared this simple truth that was music to my Heart!

This truth really shook the core of my old belief systems. I thought my life was about suffering and fighting to “make it”!  I remember thinking “Is life really that simple? Just be Happy.”

Yes, Life IS!!!

We are created out of Divine Love. Nothing else exist other than this LOVE! All else that seems to be against this truth, is simply an illusion.

Do things happen in our life that may cause us to feel pain, sadness, anger, etc. – Yes, of course they do! Yet, it’s truly up to us on how we choose to respond and experience these “experiences”. How we decide to grow and learn from them. How we turn our test into testimonies. This has been the example left by all of the Masters that have walk this Earth’s plane of existence before us.

So, live life without control and expectation! Stop chasing “things” in Life to be Happy! You happiness should not be dependent on the house, the car, the job, and etc.  And never allow drama or negativity to steal your joy and happiness. Happiness is your Life – and when you surrender this power you give your power away to illusions. Whatever is not serving your life – just let it go! CHANGE your mindset.

Live Life to the FULLEST! Shine as bright as the Sun, Bloom and thrive like the flowers in green meadows. Stand on the Foundation of the peace within YOU! The Calm at the center of the storm. The Observer of Life!

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