HAPPY BIRTHDAY SelfLove – A Community!!!

Wow, what a year! Last year this time, I was walking down the street on my morning walk –  mulling over my life. And desperately wondering how to start making positive changes. I seem to have had all the keys; yet, didn’t know which one to use and at which time to use it.  That’s when I spoke out loud to myself  ” I want to start loving myself”. Not really knowing at the time that self-love was – IS the Master Key!

Happy Birthday, women. color, box, self love

I continued on my walk to my local Starbucks and created a Twitter Page – @loveselfme. I only wanted to share my journey and connect with other women for support and inspiration. Little did I know that I would be inspired to build a community to provide support and resources to other women just like me – wanting to love themselves and spread that love!

My self-love journey has been a continuous process for me. I am changing my mindset, habits and old beliefs that no longer serve me in my new life.  The one essential key that I have learned on this journey is that my Life is not really about “me” – my life is truly about how I live to serve others.

Thank You for all your love, trust, inspiration and motivation. I commit to another year of Self-Love Service – exploring bigger, grandeur and more glorious creations for this small; yet, growing community!!

Happy Birthday SelfLove – A Community



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