3 Ways for Living In The NOW!

Most of us have heard of the importance of living in the “NOW”! One may ask how do we do this; especially when our mind is always either focusing on the past or dreading about what’s.

Where is the common ground? Of course our past is relevant to us in many ways! And our future is a normal concern to us! 

How can we find balance? 

3 Ways for Living in the NOW!

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When we intend to focus on what we are choosing to experience at the moment, we live in the “Present”!  If your mind wants to go off on another task,  learn to redirect your mind by simply refocusing with intent! Choose to experience the experience fully! Utilize all your senses! Allow yourself to take in all the sounds, feelings, inspiration, etc.

This tool will take some practice; especially, for those of us with “chatter box” minds – like I had :-). Yet, the process will become easier as you learn to gently intend to quiet your mind by focusing on your Present experience.

Living in the Now allows you to open up your “Present” from GOD each and every second!!! Then, you will see the many gifts that are bestowed on you daily. Life then is appreciated and valued  – not wasted on a time that is gone or a time yet to come.


Accept and heal your past! If you are thinking about hurts that happened to you in the past, you have not completely healed from this experience that you have judged as “painful”.  Perhaps you may be even worrying over a small thing/event that happened on yesterday. No matter how small it is – instead of avoiding these feelings, fully allow your them to resurface in a healthy way in the “NOW” to be released!

You can write (journaling) about your feeling, confide in a trusted friend, or channel those feelings in a creative way – to finally release them.

During this process I would avoid reliving your past! This may create even more trauma. Just focus on the feelings your are experiences – accept them and allow them to be released. If you find you need assistance from another source (i.e spiritual healer, counselor, coach, etc.), by all reasonable means do just this! It’s time for you to start LIVING NOW!

You can’t changed the past – you can accept it and decide how to move forward “NOW”!


Instead of having doubt and worry about the unknown – the future. Live in the Present Moment and decide on the best course of actions to take NOW!  Worrying WILL NOT change anything – Preparation WILL!

We have very little control on the future other than what we decide to do NOW! Fear and anxiety will rob us of our Life! If we are constantly worried about the unknown, we don’t Live TODAY! Planning, Preparation and choosing to have Faith, will allow you to address your fears and anxiety!


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