Are You PREPARED for a Disaster in Your City – EMERGENCY KIT!!!

A Natural Disaster can occur at anytime with little to NO Warning – Are You PREPARED?


Due to the Fact that a Natural or Man-made disaster can occur at anytime – it’s best to be PREPARED!!!

The first step is to CREATE A PLAN!!

Then, start putting together your EMERGENCY KIT by stocking-up on non-perishable food, water and other essentials. I would recommend having a stock-up and emergency kit that can sustain you and/or your family for at least 30 days or more.


Creating your Emergency Kit may seem a bit overwhelming and perhaps even expensive; however, if you use the below tips you can build your kit in little to no time and at a good cost.

TAKE INVENTORY: Check what you already have in your home and pantry to add to your Emergency Kit. This will save you time and money. Then, make a list of supplies that you still need to purchase.   Remember to always maintain an accurate inventory with important expiration dates.

SET A COST: Determine how much it will cost to create your Emergency Kit. Decide on how often you will shop for your stock-up supplies (set a deadline). Perhaps you want to get the bulk of your stock-up – then add to stock over time. You can  also build your stock-up a little over time.  Even just adding a couple extra canned goods, bottled water and etc. each time you shop will add up fast.

Whatever you decide –  START IMMEDIATELY!

Save money by using coupons, shopping clearance/manager’s specials, shopping online, buying bulk items, utilizing free samples.  In addition, purchase items like outdoor/camping in the off seasons. Get Creative!!!

empty shelves

ACCESSIBLE LOCATION: Determine a location that is accessible to all family members. If you live in an apartment or have limited space – you can store your emergency kit in a closet, a storage tub or an area in your pantry (think outside the box). Don’t forget to add portable emergency kits in Go Bags in case you have to leave your home. Place a kit in your vehicle and keep one at your place of employment as well.



Create an Emergency Plan

How To Create an Emergency Kit

Red Cross Emergency Checklist

Best Food to Buy During an Emergency

Free Pantry Inventory Printable

  • Start an organic outdoor/indoor garden
  • Essential Oils are great to add to your First-Aid Kit
  • Organic Spices and Herbs are good to keep handy for Healing needs
  • Make a habit of keeping extra water, food and other essentials on hand. You can exhaust these items before utilizing your Emergency Kit 


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