Are You PREPARED For A Natural Disaster in Your City? – Create A Plan!!!

A Disaster can occur at anytime without little to NO warning – Are you PREPARED?



CREATE A PLAN – Getting prepared for an unexpected Disaster (natural or national emergency) can give you and your family the Peace of Mind you deserve.

Even if you’re a single person or a college student living away from home – You need to be prepared!

Waiting to the last-minute can result in long lines, exposing yourself to possible lawlessness –  in the event of limited resources.  Not to mention the fear of NOT knowing what to do next.

Although, being prepared will not remove the weight of experiencing any type of unexpected Disaster –  it will give you a head start to figure out your next move of safety.

Start Creating your family’s plan and building an Emergency Kit!

Use these helpful resources to start Creating your Emergency Preparedness Plan:

Emergency Plan

Create Online & Print

RedCross Emergency Checklist


  • Review your plan often and teach young children
  • Keep the plan where everyone in the family can access (put in children’s back-packs for school/daycare).  Give a copy to a trusted neighbor(s) and all family members included your plan
  • Have alternative plans and consider ALL possible Emergency Scenarios
  • Know your city or town’s Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Subscribe to Emergency Alerts (check with your wireless carrier 


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