How to Grow Fresh Mint this Summer!

Mint I love mint. It’s so refreshing in all my cool summer drinks, salads and other recipes. Also, it’s great to add to a detox routine – I usually combine it with lemon and ginger and take on the Go! Want Fresh breathe? Chew on Mint leaves!! Plus, anything Green is GOOD for you –  mint deodorizes and cleanses the body. EASY to grow too! – coming from a girl who often times forgets to water houseplants. 🙂

mint herb plant

I bought this herb plant from my local grocers!

It’s perfect for container gardening as well.  All you need is an available container, soil and sunny window (or at sunny spot on your porch or patio)! You can grow mint from organic seeds (follow growing instructions), propagate (use clipping from healthy mint plants) or purchase fresh organic sprouted herb plants.

Herb plants are available at your local market or grocery store. I bought mine from my local grocery store for $2.49 that I’m going to keep growing all summer long! Growing your own mint and other fresh herbs will save you money. And you will enjoy having all the fresh herbs you need for delicious summer meals right at your fingertips – grown with LOVE! Mint Need some Summer Recipes Ideas? Follow SelfLove – A Community’s board SUMMER Love! on Pinterest

Pin These Yummy Summer Mint Recipes!!! 

1o Healthy Ways to Use Fresh Mint

Mint Chip Protein Shake

Turkish Cucumber Salad with Fresh Mint & Dill

Lemon and Mint Detox Drink 


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