Are You Dry Brushing?

I just recently added dry brushing my skin back to my self-care routine. When I first heard of this, I wasn’t convinced. However, after reading all the information of the benefits, I thought I’ll give it a try.  Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with this habit and didn’t do it consistently.

I’m back to give dry brushing one more try!!! 🙂

So far, it’s been about two weeks, and I feel that my skin is more supple, refreshed and smoother.  Also, I feel a difference in circulation and skin appearance; especially in problems areas (like my lower legs).

Some benefits of dry brushing:

  • exfoliates & cleanses pores
  • improves circulation
  • removes toxins
  • assists in appearance of cellulite

Are You Dry Brushing


I typically dry brush my skin in the am before I shower (and right after I drink a full glass of water) for about 3-5 minutes. Starting at the bottom of my ankles and working upwards brushing in a circular motion with a Natural Bristle Spa Brush (I got on clearance for $3.00). These brushes are not very expensive you can purchase one at stores like Target for less than $6.00.

I brush my entire body including my back and hands as well. Then, shower or take a detox bath using a natural soap/cleanser.  I follow-up by applying heavy oils (coconut oil, Vitamin E oil).

I feel so refreshed!!!

How To Dry Brush:

  • You need a Firm Natural Bristle Spa Brush with a long handle to reach your entire body
  • Drink a full glass of water (preferably filtered, distilled or naturally alkaline water)
  • Dry Brush before your daily shower/bath
  • Starting at the bottom of each ankle move upward in a circular motion (Brush your entire body)
  • Follow-up with applying heavy & nourishing oils (i.e Coconut, Vitamin E, Avocado, Sesame…)
  • Be Consistent!!!


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Take Care of YOU!!!

Happy Dry Brushing!! 🙂

Note: Be sure to check with your physician before starting this self-care activity, especially if you have a circulation disease, are on blood thinners or suffered from blood clots

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