Seventh Generation Dish Soap – Product Review! (w/ $1 OFF Coupon)

NOT For Automatic Dishwashers

I’ve been using Seventh Generation Natural Dish liquid  for many years now – since I first started “going green”. I absolutely love this product.

If you still clean your dishes the ‘ole fashion way (no dishwasher) , you may just love this product too!

Here’s Why: 

  • All-Natural, Plant-Base (non-toxic)
  • Hypoallergenic (great for my sensitive skin)!
  • 100% Recycled Container (don’t forget to toss in recycle bin when empty) 
  • Strong Grease-CuttingCleans my messiest pots & pans
  • All purpose cleaner  – I use as a base for other natural cleaners to clean my kitchen, bathroom, mop floors, and as a gentle laundry detergent for some of my delicate clothing.
  • Light Natural Fragrance  –  Lavender was my favorite, yet, now I’ve discovered Lavender Floral Mint! Yum!!! Available in unscented too!
  • Reasonably priced at $2.99 Is on sale often and/or a coupon is available.  Product is avialable at most chains like Kroger & affiliate stores, and Target.

Grab a $1 Off Coupon Here! Check out more Seventh Generation Products Here.

Tell me what you think of this Natural Dish Liquid! 



Please Note: This is NOT an affiliate posting. This is my honest opinion & product review!

Review featured on this week’s Thrithy Thursday! 

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