Celebrate Earth Day April 22 – Meet George, The Tree!

Tree-Picture Being out in Nature is so serene and peaceful. I love my early morning  – or early afternoon walks around my neighborhood.  It’s magical and healing for my soul! I’ve been walking regularly for many years now, as a way to stay healthy and fit.  Yet, when you really are aware and open up to nature and its creations, it changes your overall experience. Suddenly, the squirrels chasing around the base of an Acorn Tree is so Much More! The simplicity; yet, complexity of Mother Nature is without human words! A person can’t help to become more aware when you spend more time in nature. And that’s what happened to me a couple of years back –  something quite odd, yet very magical! photo (6) I began to become very fond of trees! I read somewhere how hugging trees and sitting by trees is good for your health and assists in raising your vibration! So, as I’m out on my daily walk I began to notice the differences and beauty of each tree on my path.  If no one was around (I didn’t want to look crazy), I would walk over and touch the tree and yes, sometimes hug the tree. I even moved my wicker arm-chair and table right by my bedroom window to watch the beautiful, bold and large in stature tree right in my own backyard.  I would gaze upon its glory and wonder what it have seen in its time growing in this very spot where my house is.  How it serves as a reliable and sturdy home for the squirrel family (whom I grown fond of too) that had lived there since I move in. That spring, I even bought some pretty pink solar lights to place at the bottom of the tree, which created a beautiful sight at night while drinking a warm mug of green tea and reflecting on the day’s events & lessons. This large tree that towered over my home started to become alive to me – of course it’s alive! However, it was becoming alive in a more personal way to ME! And that’s when it happened – the quite odd, yet very magical moment!  I picked up a message, a sign or plain ole intuition “My name is George.” The tree has a name I thought to myself. This sounds crazy!  I’m not professing to have actually heard the tree’s voice like talking to another person! However, it was clear and decisive “My name is George.”  It is alive and its has a name – perhaps it was like the “Home Tree ” in the movie Avatar! Truly connected with the living soul of our planet, Earth. So from that day on, my special tree, was called George! Since that time in spring, we have developed a harmonious and loving relationship! And when the illusions of the world is weighing heavy on my heart & mind – I take rest and comfort sitting underneath the protection of George, The Tree! Go Out in Nature & Hug A TREE! And don’t worry about who sees you – I don’t anymore! MEET GEORGE! photo (1)photo (2)photo (7)

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