Spring Cleaning? – Use This System!

It’s Spring Cleaning Time – Yet, you don’t have to be Stressed!


Use the four R’s System to assist you in propelling your Spring Cleaning and Organizing sessions! Efficiently sort items and place them in its proper box/container to take immediate action!

The 4 R’s System!blue-springs-2

  • Reuse – can you use the item again?
  • Repurpose – can you reuse the item for a new purpose and/or function (think outside the box)?
  • Recycle – recycle old papers, boxes, batteries, electronics, and more (be sure for batteries, CD’s, and all electronics, you take to a local recycling center). Target has small Recycling Centers in most of their stores normally located at or near the entrance. For computers and printers participate in HP Consumer Buyback and Planet Partners Recycling Program. They will pay you for certain models or you will be able to drop items off at most Office Max stores for recycling.
  • Release – give, donate or sell items online! I love donating to Goodwill, you don’t even have to get out the car (don’t forget you tax-deductible receipt).

Lookin’ for some natural Spring cleaning products! Check Out How To Make 25 Homemade Cleaners on our Pinterest Board!


Happy Cleaning!

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