Easy Tips to SPRING Cleaning!

Are you starting an organizing & deculttering project this weekend?

Spring is the perfect time of the year when most people are motivated to declutter their home and/or business. It’s like a new birth, a new beginning and truly sets the tone for the remaining year! Yet, it can be overwhelming too! spring-cleaning-green

Use these 4 tips to assist you in creating a peaceful and efficient home that inspires a more balanced Life:

  1.  start small: Avoid making my mistake year after year –  “by biting off more than you can chew. ” This will leave you frustrated and often times Nothing will get completed. So this year, I’m starting with one small area and only dedicating to 20 minutes/daily to avoid being burnt-out.
  2. don’t spend a fortune: Look around in your home for old baskets, bins, containers, etc. you can reuse for new organizing projects! Get creative! Besides visiting the Dollar Tree outlet stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall have reasonable decorative organizing & storage containers. Also, you can make your own natural cleaners!
  3. get advice & great tips:  If you need cleaning & organizing tips, connect with other women who have a flare for organizing, check-out a great organizing book from your local library, and of course visit Pinterest for great and simple ideas. While your there be sure to check our Home Organizing & Cleaning Board Spring Healing Board and much More!
  4. follow the four R’s system: sort items more efficiently and propel your organizing session by deciding quickly its purpose and placing the item(s) in a separate box/container for immediate action. Learn the four R’s System Here!

When your home and/or business is organized and orderly it truly affects your overall sanity and  peace of mind. I know when my home is unorganized its very difficult for me to be productive!

So,  start today!


Happy Cleaning!

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