Make Extra Income Selling on


Looking to earn a little extra cash selling  old, damaged or outdated cell phones/ technology devices. is a great site!  Last month, I used this site to sell a severely damaged iPhone that I found while organizing my basement/family room. It was simple:

  1. register for a free user account,
  2. input the details of my iPhone,
  3. an offer will be made instantly on most devices
  4. mail  in your device in the secure, safe & postage paid envelope
  5. Payment can be received via PayPal  – FAST

The entire process took approximate 2 weeks! However, my payment of $14.00 processed through PayPal immediately after the company examined my device!

 A little extra cash can go a long way especially, for a device I was just going to recycle anyway!

Note: If you are going to sell iPhone, you have to deactivate “Find My iPhone” tracking on your device or you offer will decrease!

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