Create Your Very Own Joy Box!

photo I got this idea years ago from an article I read in a magazine.  A Joy Box – what a wonderful idea! It’s a box that’s  filled with a few special treats and/or  items that inspire you! Especially, when you need a little extra encouragement – you go to your joy box! So, when I came across the box I used before – I decided to try it again on my self-love journey! This year I’m starting projects that are new to me and that brings about anxiety! Yet, my mantra this year is “Dream Big, Big & Bigger“.  I’m dedicated to pushing pass my fears and my joy box is going to assist me in this process.

So, what’s in my joy Box? All the things that make me smile! 😉

  • Photos of families
  • Letters to Myself
  • Affirmations
  • Decorative Note paper (just in case I need to write myself a quick reminder note)
  • Tasty treats for a quick pick me up: green tea, almonds & raw chocolate
  • And $1 I like to use for dollar challenges –  to treat myself to a simple inexpensive treat!

 Create Your Very Own Joy Box:

  1. Look for decorative boxes you already have or buy an inexpensive one.  I bought this box from T.J.Maxx for $5!
  2. Look around your home for small special personal inspiration.
  3. You can refill your joy box as often or with whatever  you like! See an inexpensive little treat or trinket that inspires you consider adding it to your joy box!
  4. Add a gift-card! I like to do $3 gift cards to stay in my budget & force myself to be more creative in my purchases
  5. You may even choose to type or write out affirmation! Be Creative! No rules apply! Just be FREE!

So, go ahead create your very Joy Box! And don’t forget to come back and share!


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